Jaisalmer : Golden City

JAISALMER District, a part of the Great Indian Thar Desert, is sandy, dry and scorched. The terrain around, within a radius of about 60 kms is stony and rocky. The area is barren, undulating with its famous sand dunes and slopes towards the Indus valley and the Runn of Kutch. The soil here is grateful even to a little rain and turns lush green during mansoon. There is no perennial river in the district. The underground water level is very low. Geographically this district is spread over in 38,401 sq. kms which is one of the largest district and almost equal to the state of Kerala. Joined together, the district of barmer and Jaisalmer is the Largest Parliamentary constituency in India.

Hotels In Jaisalmer

Nearby Jaisalmer

Various nearby places of Jaisalmer are also famous. Some of these are as under.

  • Bhattiani Sati Rani
  • Amar Sagar
  • Lodhruva
  • Mool Sagar
  • Desert National Park

How to Reach

By Railways
Jaisalmer is well connected through Jodhpur.A good connection with major cities of the country through Jodhpur.
By Air
Jodhpur 285 kms is the convenient airport.
By Road
A good network of roads joins Jaisalmer with many destination in and around Rajasthan.It is connected to Jodhpur and Barmer on NH-11.
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